Here’s a quick look at my portfolio. You can get more in-depth information on each project elsewhere on this website. My name is Una. I draw things, write things and work with people. For information on workshops and prices keep scrolling.

As well as drawing and writing graphic novels I work as a freelance illustrator for a range of clients. I can work in old-fashioned pencil, pen and ink or I can use digital drawing methods. I’m versatile, responsive and I can work fast if you need me to. My specialism is in drawing naturalistic people but I can can draw landscapes, animals, objects, and architecture. Keep scrolling to see my range as an illustrator.

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Editorial illustration

I can make your online and print journalism more engaging by responding to text with header images and inline illustrations. Images below were for Wellcome Collection magazine. Read the article here.

Images below are extracted from a four page illustrated article for The New Issue quarterly magazine. You can get the issue (March 2021) here.

Illustrate your ideas & research

I was commissioned to make 24 illustrations to help engage professionals working in specialist services in research undertaken to help young people who have experience CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation). The images were made in collaboration with a group of participants. There is a set of ten postcards that can be downloaded here. If you work in a school or other service that engages with young people, please feel free to use them as a resource. Research was carried out by University of Bedfordshire, The International Centre: Researching CSE, Violence and Trafficking.

Images below are in response to improvements in maternal mortality rates in the global south, due to initiatives by MSF (Doctors Without Borders)

Podcast/album/book Cover Art

If you need artwork for your podcast cover, album cover, book cover or anything at all, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. I designed the cover for my book On Sanity: One day in two lives (right) and The Oxford Centre For Life Writing were delighted with their podcast cover artwork (left). Their new podcast launched on 6th May 2021.

Workshops & community projects

I’ve decades of experience working with communities making art and delivering workshops, beginning in 1999 as Adult Education Coordinator in the arts at a Leeds High School, then working as Adult and Community Education Development Coordinator at Leeds Arts University, where I worked with partners and community groups across the city, leading a team of artist to deliver a range of courses and workshops. I also helped develop the community arts courses at East Street Arts. I’ve also worked as a visiting artist in primary schools, helping create projects to brighten up schools. Today my workshops and teaching revolve around creative writing and drawing, to help participants make illustrated stories. I’m a visiting scholar at the Oxford Centre For Life Writing and my focus has often been on life story forms, but I’m interested in writing fiction too – my latest graphic novel is a dystopian fiction.

Recently I’ve led workshops in drawing and writing for Durham Literature Festival, Oxford Centre For Life Writing, Arts Together Leeds, Thought Bubble Festival, and through my own private teaching. I’ve delivered workshops in zine making around consent and sexual health to Italian teenagers in a library, and zine making for political ideas to high school students in Brazil. Two of my books (On Sanity and Cree) involved public participation in the form of workshops, collaborations and talks.

I can deliver a bespoke creative workshop for your organisation, either online or in person. A two hour creative workshop costs around £150. I also offer tutorials and portfolio sessions to individuals, one hour for £40, which you can book here.

An image made in a creative writing/drawing workshop
My mum, giving a talk about mental ill-health for our book On Sanity
Zines made in workshop at Durham Book Festival
Zine making in a gallery workshop space


I was a featured artist in a beautifully presented exhibition called Panel Show at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery in 2019. As such, I was commissioned to make an illustration about my process as an artist and writer working in a garden studio in Leeds. This is what my creative day looks like.

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