My student drawings

Here’s a gallery of drawings I made as a student, mostly from my foundation course way back in 1990. Some from a life drawing class I did as therapy around 1999. If you are looking to improve your drawing, especially for comics, you can’t do too much life drawing. There are sessions you can do with a life model posing in one room, while you are in another room looking at a screen. Don’t waste your time and money. To draw a figure you need a sense of the three dimensions – you need to understand how the surface of the body curves, you need a sense of the skin, the weight, the undulations, the presence of a human. You need to be able to stand up and walk around, look at the model and your drawing from different angles. This can’t be achieved through a screen. If you can’t be in the same room as a life model, draw yourself in the mirror or get a friend to sit for you, clothed (or unclothed if they are willing).

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