Eve, a 240 page graphic novel


My latest graphic novel Eve, a beautiful book – solid, heavy, gorgeous print job. The book comes signed and drawn in (raining clouds) with a set of six “Arcus Aim” postcards.Postage to the UK is included in the price, but please use the contact form if you live elsewhere and want a copy.
Eve is our stroppy, independent shero, but the title of the novel also refers to our general proximity to disaster. It’s a piece of political writing about the changing climate in the UK – by which I mean the political confusion and polarisation that has driven our little country for the last few years and shows no sign of disappearing, plus the imminent climate emergency that too many people are trying to ignore. In Eve I’ve written and drawn a tale of ordinary people struggling to navigate this new world, because even when everyone is doing their best, things can go wrong (Spoiler! They do). I’ve used a combination of handmade and digital drawing to produce it and I’ve sampled colours from photographs of North Yorkshire – especially Ilkley Moor and Haworth Moor – so that it looks and feels like an adventure through a dark and brooding Northern landscape.



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