Una’s Short Courses

Una’s Pencil Post is the first of my brand-new short courses that aim to get the nation drawing stories. You’ll need only a packet of pencils and paper, which I’ll send to you in the post, and your thinking cap, which you’ll need to provide yourself. The next course, Writing with Pictures, will launch in May.

Who is this Una person, and what can she teach me about drawing or writing?

If you’ve read my books you’ll know I’m a versatile, expressive artist and writer, but what you might not know is that is that I have 14 years experience teaching art, design and critical studies to undergraduates in universities and British art schools *and* I’ve designed scores of community courses for adults in all sorts of creative subjects. I have a 1st class BA (Hons), an MFA and Ph.D in Fine Art Practice. I’m currently a visiting scholar at the Oxford Centre for Life Writing, Wolfson College, Oxford.

Who are the courses for?

Anyone can join, there’s no need for experience. If you are trying to be more creative, want to make better drawings, or want to learn strategies for creative writing, these courses are for you. If you’re too busy to commit to a weekly session or need to learn at your own pace, these courses are for you. If you are an art student who didn’t do a Foundation course, or you came to art late in life, these courses are for you.

Pencil Post: you’ll learn how to use drawing to understand objects, spaces and systems. Pencil Post aims to provide a thoughtful grounding in drawing practice, of the kind you would get at foundation level in an art school. You’ll gain confidence and have fun. Plus, you’ll learn a heck of a lot about pencils!

Writing With Pictures: you’ll learn how to plan and develop your visual narratives and make more interesting page layouts. Writing with Pictures aims to help you get on with your writing and make better use of images. This course will encourage the writer and artist in you to come out with confidence.

How much will it cost?

The courses are designed to be affordable by taking place entirely online, with support by email. A standard six-stage short course starts at £46.. You’ll receive a log in for my Members Only area, a short course with videos, photographs and written explanations plus lots of supplementary content about drawing materials, art history, productivity, motivation, Q & As, and members only blog posts.

If you want a more personal approach you can upgrade to a premium membership for an extra £45 and receive one hour of personal tutorials. (There are limited places for tutorials, but no limit to registrations for the online courses.)

Ok, I’m interested, what do I have to do?

Go to the “Join Me” section and follow the instructions to register for Pencil Post, or you can join the short course mailing list, below. Enter the message ‘short course mailing list’ in the message box. That way you’ll receive information about new courses as soon as they go live on my website.*

*I won’t send you information on any other subject. Only my short courses.

“So far all the content has been great – I have read the articles and watched the first videos and am really looking forward to starting on the activities.” 

A happy Pencil Post person