Eve – After the storm

All about Eve

My latest graphic novel Eve was worth the wait. It’s a beautiful book – solid, heavy, gorgeous print job, and hopefully you will all enjoy it. Though it’s primarily a story about a girl called Eve, it’s also a piece of political writing about the changing climate in the UK – by which I mean the political confusion and polarisation that has driven our little country for the last few years and shows no sign of disappearing, plus the climate emergency that too many people are trying to ignore. This twin crisis risks all our futures and though there are echoes of the past, there may not be much to learn there, as we enter a new era. We are in the middle of a zeitgeist shift so there isn’t a person alive today who can confidently predict how it will all end up.

In Eve, I’ve written and drawn a tale of ordinary people struggling to navigate this new world, because even when everyone is doing their best, things can go wrong (Spoiler! They do) but humans somehow, always find a way to re-group and rebuild. The eponymous Eve is our stroppy, independent shero, but the title of the novel also refers to our general proximity to disaster – perhaps, sadly, we are at the eve of our destruction, and maybe we deserve it?

Drawing method

I used a combination of handmade and digital drawing to produce it and I’ve sampled colours from photographs of North Yorkshire – especially Ilkley Moor and Haworth Moor, where I love to go walking – so that it looks and feels like an adventure through a dark and brooding Northern landscape.

Watch this video to get a sense of the book.

Una, reading the prologue from Eve, with images

Get a copy

You can get a signed copy directly from me, using my online shop here. Or you could get it from Leeds indie shop OK Comics, who have kindly made a unique signed book plate. Or any good bookstore. Try Foyles of London, Bristol and Birmingham or Waterstones, who have been supportive of my work in the past.

If you want to come and get a copy in person, with a personalised drawing, and have a chat to me about the story behind the book, come see me at the Lakes in October!

Nice things people have said about Eve

‘The sickly quiet before the storm…big, imaginative and confrontational’ Strong Words Magazine

‘Una has held up a chilling mirror for us, and leaves us with a choice – what kind of world will we make for ourselves?’ Jacky Fleming

‘EVE’s gripping narrative and poetic, haunting imagery of a world sliding into dystopia has stayed with me.’ Moma.co.uk

‘As with all good speculative fiction, it predicts a set of circumstances that are rooted in reality so could easily happen, and often do’ Big Issue North

‘Is there going to be a sequel? Because I’m not happy with how it ended!’ My mate Julie, Packhorse Pub, 31st July, Leeds

Articles about Eve

You can read all about my process in this excellent interview all about Eve on Moma.uk

You can read an extensive interview with me in Issue 1391 of Big Issue North