Dedicated to All the Others: Winnie M Li

Winnie M Li is an author and activist.  A Harvard graduate, Winnie worked as a film producer before her life was disrupted by a violent stranger rape in Belfast in 2008.  This prompted a long period of recovery, followed by a change of career. Ultimately, Winnie decided to focus on addressing the issue of sexual assault through the media, the arts, and academia. 

Her debut novel, DARK CHAPTER, is a fictional retelling of her rape from victim and perpetrator perspectives. Translated into ten languages, it won The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize and was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. She is currently adapting it for the screen. Winnie is also founder of Clear Lines  the UK’s first-ever festival addressing sexual assault and consent through the arts and discussion. Through Clear Lines, she facilitates creative writing workshops and resources for victims of sexual abuse and violence. Her PhD research at the London School of Economics explores media engagement by rape survivors as a form of activism. Winnie has given over 150 public talks and appeared on the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The Times, and TEDx London. As Writer-in-Residence at The SHaME Project at Birkbeck University, Winnie examined the roles that creative writing and narrative can play in how we better understand the reality of sexual violence. She holds an honorary doctorate of law from the National University of Ireland in recognition of her writing and activism, and . Her second novel Complicit explores #MeToo and the film industry.  It will be published in Summer 2022.

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