Short Course Terms and Conditions

Una’s Short Course Terms and Conditions

By booking onto a workshop or course with Una you agree to the terms and conditions as set out below:

  1. Una provides workshops and courses for adults aged 16 and over, unless otherwise stated in the course description. A parent or guardian can book a place on a young persons’ behalf but will then be fully responsible for supervision of learning for the young person. 
  2. All workshops, courses and talks are currently taking place online due to the ongoing COVID situation. When face to face workshops become available, Una will endeavour to keep participants informed of the change.
  3. Standard and Premium level bookings for online courses at are not confirmed until full payment has been taken.
  4. If booking a face-to-face workshop through Eventbrite, you also agree to their terms. PLEASE NOTE: Eventbrite charges a fee for booking which Una is unable to refund unless the course is cancelled by her. Eventbrite’s booking fee is 3.5% + 49p per ticket + VAT. More information on Eventbrite’s booking fees can be found here.
  5. Una reserves the right to cancel a course or workshop for any reason. Should a course or workshop be cancelled she will endeavour to give 7-days-notice and will provide a full refund, however there may be occasions where it is not possible to provide 7-days-notice.
  6. Una reserves the right to postpone a course or workshop for any reason. Should a course or workshop be postponed, she will endeavour to give 7-days-notice and provide rescheduled sessions within 28 days.
  7. Should you wish to cancel your place on an online course at Participants may cancel their Standard or Premium place on an online course at in the event that exceptional circumstances prevent them from completing it. In this case, participants should provide documentary evidence to justify their cancellation and Una will determine through sole discretion whether to refund any amount of fees paid. 
  8. Should you wish to cancel your place on a face-to-face workshop at a venue:  Participants may cancel a face-to-face workshop or short course no less than 7 days before the start of the course, after which no refunds will be offered. This is because preparations have already been made, materials ordered, planning carried out and venues paid for and it is unlikely we can fill your place at this late stage. We do not provide refunds for failed attendance due to sickness or any personal circumstances outside of our control.
  9. Refund requests should be made by sending an email to or through the channel the booking was made (Eventbrite).  Refunds will be issued through the channel the booking was made. Only if this is not possible will we make alternative arrangements.
  10. Our contract is with the person who made the booking. Should the booking have been made on behalf of someone else, it is their responsibility to pass on all the appropriate information about the course. Any refund requests should come from the person who booked the course.
  11. All participants agree to follow the guidance of the workshop leader (Usually Una) and follow any safety procedures outlined in your course materials. 
  12. Photos of work made during the courses may be used in future publicity and marketing and on social media. If you would prefer that images of you and/or your work are not used for these purposes please let Una know by sending an email to
  13. All bookings shall adhere to the same terms, regardless of the channel through which they have been booked and paid.
  14. Content on the website in the members only area, behind the pay-wall, should not be shared with any third parties in the form of screenshots or web links. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to respect Una’s intellectual property and abide by copyright law.

Policy reviewed March 2021

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